Há quarenta anos, vivo imaginando o viver. Ainda não construi a imagem ideal, creio que em mais quarenta anos ainda não terei conseguido.

terça-feira, 7 de setembro de 2010

Economy – a bad guy entity?

Common sense should always guide human beings’ actions. It is very normal, when somebody is a rookie in something, to hear phrases or questions like: “He is incapable because he does not know the subject” or “what will he do since he does not know anything about it?”

However, with time and if he is competent, within the system, he will find the necessary subsidy to overcome the beginning. Learning the games rules, soon he will be solving the problems and overcoming the difficulties. Everything is a question of balance, organization and finding the right method.

In such a complex area as economy, the sudden lack of wrappings for a certain brand, besides complicating restaurant, bars and market owners’ lives, can also influence negatively the food industry. Everything within the economic system is integrated. Therefore, this system cannot be shut down. It has to be open in order to conveniently adjust itself to the market changes and to production dynamism. Economy, as a whole, takes up, under this view, the level of an intelligent entity which is also able to overcome or adjust itself to the obstacles, following certain pattern or method, managing or been managed, obeying the rules and creating them.

It is wise to highlight we are the creators of the markets, production systems, internal and external public policies of control, of everything, after all, and, to this effect, we use the sole pattern we know – the anthropomorphic one. We are those who have created the entities which happen to come up.

In us, within us, there is a system which makes us somewhat a controlling and self controlling “mechanism”. If we miss a leg, our brain produces a compensation system and our body adapts itself to the lack of the limber. If we exceed one of our habits or if we create vices, our organism readily extracts from here, substitutes somewhere else, reorganizes and makes us work, adding the excess or the exception. Why, then, is it so hard for us to control these entities, created by ourselves?

Something interesting happens with man. When he gets used to an image, he begins to believe in it. It is good, one and another time, to look into oneself, really, critically, in order not to get used to what we think we are seeing.