Há quarenta anos, vivo imaginando o viver. Ainda não construi a imagem ideal, creio que em mais quarenta anos ainda não terei conseguido.

terça-feira, 31 de agosto de 2010


People around the world don't need more wars. There is much war among us. Everyday, when we awake up, there is war over food, jobs, education, health, everything. Surviving is a great war every day. We need to find the way to put ours thoughts into the same goal. All people around the world with one, just one thought: to grow up!

Mankind needs to grow up. We (as person of the world) need a USA strong, united. Is that a dream? Does the USA need another war? Do we need another war? I don't think so!

We need the USA as a skipper guiding us through our problems emblematically! We need a course, not destructive warriors.

The world needs men who know the whole meaning of being human! If other countries don't see the USA as a North and they themselves can solve their own problems, that is an option which needs to be respected.

But, all the world knows the history, all the Occidental World knows the domino effect, when one piece falls. We have arrived to a historic moment for the Occidental civilization. Future will tell where we were wrong or not.

By CARLA MARZAGAO - Aug 31, 2010 9:27:10 PM ET